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GIM Institute offers innovation workshops and courses to help you improve your skillset and competencies, increase your organization value, networks for exchange ideas, and experiences, and enhance your career prospects and professional growth through our in-person and online training opportunities.

By joining EPIC, you will get to experience it and walk through what we call the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Experience tour. Home to the world’s most brilliant minds, you will become part of a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment. We will Personalize your experience to match your objectives.

GIM Institute Faculty assumes responsibility for service to the Institute and professional development.

GIM Institute Trainers deliver innovation management workshops and training in different locations across the globe.

It is the world’s largest innovation consulting competition, started in 2006. Within 8 weeks, 5 graduate student teams from the top universities across the world, apply cutting-edge innovation approaches to solve a real innovation and growth challenges from a senior executive of a major company. It is co-sponsored by the Global Innovation Management Institute and managed by the IXL Center.