Future Foresight

The Future Foresight Certification is based on a combination of methodological tools used for horizon scanning, creative thinking, idea generation, trend analysis, uncertainty tracking, weak signals detection, disruption alerts and scenario planning.

The skillset developed throughout the Certification focuses on building foresight capabilities, questioning participants’ current assumptions, key to achieve a balance between the analytical and the intuitive mindsets as well as the creative components of the process.

Certification by level

The GIMI Innovation Professional Certification Program has 2 levels of certification.

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Our Innovation Certification Programs are design for anyone interested in becoming certified in innovation as a business discipline.

GIMI Foresight Program

The Certification is strongly anchored in understanding challenges as major growth steppingstones for the future and it focuses on evidence-based future foresight, with uncertainties at its core, preventing variables that influence the medium and long term futures to be kept on a leash by traditional ways of thinking.

1 Scoping

Design and Frame the Picture

  • Audience, Teams, and Experts
  • Attitudes and Work
  • Environment
  • Key Factors
  • Focal Issue
  • Time Horizon
2 Scanning

Understand and Capture the Horizon

  • Trends and Megatrends
  • Uncertainties and Pre-determined
  • Elements
  • Weak Signals and Emergent Issues
  • Wild Cards and Strategic Surprises
  • Black Swans and Black Elephants
3 Scenarios

Get a deep understanding of the innovation mindset of your people and how to successfully leverage them across the business to drive innovation initiatives.

4 Thinking and Executing

Recommendations on how to achieve better business results through building innovation capability through accelerator programs and workshops.

GIMI Certified Professionals