Individuals up-and-down the organization and across the organization are being asked to innovate.  However, many individuals do not know what they should do or where to start. Our quick-cycle Individual Innovation Audit tool is designed to help individuals determine their innovation quotient and aspiration.  Our Individual Innovation Audit tool focuses on four broad types of capabilities required to manage innovation:

  • Innovation Intent – why, where and when to innovate
  • Developing Breakthrough Concepts – trends, intelligence, insights, and ideas
  • Acquiring Resources – funding, make, collaborate and buy, value exchanges
  • Making it Real – first things first, agile and lean, prototypes and experiments

Through this audit, we can help you:

  • Gain an understanding and agree on where you are in terms of innovation and understand key strengths, weaknesses, enablers and barriers
  • Understand best practices and gaps for you to realistically become more innovative
  • Finding the appropriate/best resources to move the needle

Want to access your organization’s innovation state? Use our Innovation Organization Audit tool.

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